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Who we are

Youthpower Climate Action connects young people to real actions they can take to stop climate change together.


Join us on zoom on Wednesdays, 4 - 5 pm PST. Email for the zoom link and agenda.

Youth Power's Spring Projects 2024

1.  Climate-Friendly Refrigerants : Grocery stores fry the climate 2,00-4,000 MORE than CO2. We are working with Alameda Natural Grocery to help them transition to climate-friendly refrigerants.

For more information: Refrigerant project

To work with us apply here: 


2.  Methane Out of My House - promoting electric appliances.

Methane from gas stoves & heaters is a health hazard as well as a potent greenhouse gas that heats the climate 80 times more than CO2. We will be working to educate our communities about how to switch over to electric appliances.

For more information: Methane Out of My House

To work with us apply here: 


3. Cutting Airplane Emissions:  Flying creates more greenhouse gases than any other form of transportation. We will survey Alameda residents to find out how often they fly - and then we'll compute the amount of CO2  emitted. Team members will meet weekly, create and conduct surveys, create informational materials and webpages, do interviews door-to-door and at information tables, speak at public meetings. (This could be part of a senior capstone project, if you want to compare Alameda flight emissions to Oakland flight emissions.) 

To work with us apply here: 

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Breaking News

Our gofundme for climate-safe refrigeration is open!  We're aiming to raise enough for 32 feet of shelving - it comes out to about $4,000 per foot of shelving!  We'll be applying to matching funds us make the match!

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