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Writing Postcards to Voters

What is postcarding?


Most people support caring for our planet, but unfortunately, many people don't vote. Handwritten postcards to voters catch their attention and give them information about voting deadlines and registering to vote. 


Does it work?


A few studies have been conducted, testing whether people who received personal handwritten postcards were more likely to vote than people who didn't receive those postcards..  The answer is YES!  Different studies have shown increased voter turnout between 0.4% and 1.2%.  (and some studies don't show increases - it also depends on the strength of the message.) 


How do I know who to write to and what to write?

When you sign up to write postcards, the postcarding organization will send you postcards, a list of voters (it's a public record) and the "script" or words they want you to write. They test these scripts to find the most effective ones.  Usually you provide postcard stamps ($0.44 a stamp).   (See our section on fundraising LINK if you need to raise money to buy stamps.)


What if I have messy handwriting?


The postcards need to be written neatly, but you can do a few things if you have messy handwriting:

1. You can organize a postcard writing party at your home or at a local coffee shop and invite everyone. Your work in ordering the cards and connecting your friends or school climate group is just as important as actually writing the cards.

2.  Consider learning to textbank or phone bank.  You can find out more at

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Most postcarding organizations support Democratic candidates, (because if you look at the climate record of Republicans, it's really bad.  see: 


Sometimes a school climate group is not allowed to write postcards that are Democrat or Republican, though.  Here are groups that are non-partisan (not Democrat OR Republican.)


Not every group has postcards available all the time - there are certain times in the election cycle when postcards are more important, and usually they need to be written and sent within a 2 - 4 week window.




1.  Postcards for Climate - they send postcards to people they've identified as climate voters.  


2. Reclaim Our Vote - sends postcards to people of color (who tend to be climate voters). Their website doesn't say anything about campaigns for 2022, but if you click on the list of regional coordinators, and email the regional coordinator near you, they can tell you about current postcard campaigns. 


3.  Young voters tend to be climate voters  - Civic Corps has a 2022 postcard campaign to young voters.  (Their postcards are kind of expensive).  Go to:



Here are organizations where you can get postcards to write to support Democrats:


1.   In the SF Bay Area, I get postcards from Commit to Democracy:


2.  postcards to swing states - progressive turnout project:

3.  Postcards to voters:


4.   Blue Wave Postcards:

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